Reba McEntire’s Touching Performance on ‘The Voice’ Honors Her Late Mom

Reba McEntire dedicates performance on ‘The Voice’ to late mom, makes fans wish for heavenly chat

Reba McEntire, the beloved queen of country music, delivered a heartfelt performance on ‘The Voice’ that left both guests and viewers longing for a conversation with a lost loved one. Singing her 2023 song “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” a dedication to her late mother Jacqueline who passed away from cancer, Reba showcased her emotional connection to her music.

The untimely loss of her mother in March 2020 was a devastating blow for Reba. In an Instagram post, the country music icon announced her mother’s passing and expressed her gratitude for the full and vibrant life Jacqueline had lived. Reba made it clear that the cancer may have taken her mother, but it was a higher power that chose the time for her to go home and reunite with loved ones.

While her mother now resides in heaven, Reba longs for just seven minutes with her. During an episode of ‘The Voice,’ where the top nine singers were revealed, Reba surprised everyone with a poignant performance of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” from her album “Not That Fancy.” Accompanied by a piano and violins, Reba’s soft yet powerful vocals filled the air as she sang about how she would spend those precious minutes with her mother.

The performance was enhanced by a beautiful stage setup featuring fog, vibrant fall leaves, and a stunning projection of Jacqueline’s black and white portrait. As the last notes echoed, Reba turned towards the screen and with deep emotion said, “Oh I miss you, mama.”

Fans were deeply moved by the performance, and many shared their own stories of longing for lost loved ones. Reba’s ability to connect with her audience in such a genuine way earned her immense praise and admiration. Some fans expressed how the song reminded them of their own mothers who they had lost, while others recognized Reba’s strength in dealing with multiple losses in her life.

Reba McEntire has always been an extraordinary talent, and her performance on ‘The Voice’ showcased her ability to touch hearts and evoke emotions. We send our love and gratitude to Reba for sharing her incredible talents with the world.

Watch the Performance Here: