Protecting Your Home: Be Aware of New Burglary Techniques

Our home should always make us feel safe, secure, and free from danger when we return home. We can unwind there safely after a demanding morning or afternoon. Since many people feel the safest when they are at home, it is crucial to ensure that their level of security is never compromised while they are there.

Many people install security cameras on their property, striving to safeguard their safety and privacy. However, despite these precautions, criminals continue to devise new methods to enter people’s homes without authorization. It’s important for individuals to stay informed and vigilant.

The “Rubber Band” Technique: A Growing Concern

Recently, a Texas woman named Kim Fleming Cernigliaro shared a story to raise awareness of a novel technique burglars are employing to break into homes. Kim was alone at home when someone knocked on the door. The knocking seemed to have escalated into a beating.

Feeling unsure and without expecting anyone, Kim wisely made the decision to keep the door closed. She decided to wait for a while before going outside to check if anyone was still there due to her fear of the increasing volume of knocking. After a while, she went downstairs and opened the front door when it appeared that the person had left.

To Kim’s surprise, she noticed a rubber band on the door handle. Confused, she reported the incident to the police, unsure of its significance. However, when the police arrived, they discovered that other residents in the vicinity had also found rubber bands on their doorknobs.

How the Rubber Band Method Works

The police explained that thieves employ this peculiar method for a reason. When someone answers the door and removes the latch to open it, the rubber band stays in place. This makes it simpler for burglars to enter the home. The rubber band keeps the latch open, making it impossible for the homeowner to close and lock the door, leaving them vulnerable.

Spread the Word, Stay Vigilant

Kim is now resolved to inform others about this new tactic and advises everyone to exercise extra caution when opening a door for a stranger. Please SHARE this article with your family and friends on Facebook to spread the word about this concerning trend!

It’s important to stay informed and be aware of new burglary techniques in order to protect your home and ensure the safety of your loved ones. By remaining vigilant and sharing this information with others, we can work together to prevent criminals from compromising our security. Stay safe!