Pregnant waitress serves officer his lunch, and what he puts on his bill makes her cry.

If you’ve ever worked as a waitress, you know how physically demanding it is and how hard you have to work for your tips.

Consider doing this physically demanding job while nearly 8 months pregnant.

Courtney English, 23, is expecting her first child at the age of eight months. She works as a waitress at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey to prepare for the baby.

While preparing for her big arrival, the dedicated waitress is trying to pay the bills.

She serves a local police officer while working her shift, holding her kid and smiling as usual.

His bill is $8.75, but what he puts on it brings Courtney to tears.

The hardworking waitress is attempting to save as much money as she can before her daughter’s arrival.

“She’s a tough little girl,” Courtney’s father, Brian Cadigan, told USA Today.

English served a fresh face among her tables of regulars on a busy Friday: a Voorhees County police officer.

When the cop came in for lunch, she served him with her customary grin and the two struck up a nice discussion.

He finished his lunch, went to the desk to pay, and then exited the restaurant.

His bill came to $8.75 when it came time to get the check. But he didn’t just leave the normal payment and tip. What he wrote on his bill made national headlines.

‘It came from the heart,’ she says.

On his receipt, the Voorhees police officer wrote, “Enjoy ur 1st. It’s something you’ll never forget.” He also left a $100 tip on her $8.75 bill.

“It came from the heart. It really moved her,” Brian, her father, said. “She got a fantastic tip in a lot of circumstances, but it was just the tiny remark that got her.”

Courtney was so overwhelmed that she ran to her supervisor, crying. Her father posted her story on Facebook, where it rapidly went viral. Many people were moved by this generous act.

What a thoughtful police officer! This hardworking waitress deserves a break!

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