Paris Hilton Opens Up About Choosing Surrogacy for Her Children

Paris Hilton, the 42-year-old socialite, recently revealed that the decision to have her children via surrogacy was a difficult one for her. In the season two premiere of her reality TV show, “Paris in Love,” Hilton explained why she and her husband, Carter Reum, opted for surrogacy instead of experiencing pregnancy themselves.

While Hilton expressed that she would have loved the experience of being pregnant, she recognized the challenges that come with her life in the spotlight. Given the public nature of her life, Hilton and Reum decided to prioritize the health and safety of their children by choosing surrogacy.

Hilton shared on her show that she and Reum had their first child, Phoenix, who is now 10 months old, carried by a surrogate in secret. Although the baby is biologically theirs, they wanted to protect their family’s privacy and allow their children to have a normal upbringing.

In a confessional on the show, Reum echoed Hilton’s concerns about safety and the pressures of having famous parents. He emphasized that they wanted their children to be known for who they are, rather than just as Paris Hilton’s children. Their priority is to create a safe and nurturing environment for their family.

Hilton also expressed her excitement about this new stage of her life as a wife and mother. She mentioned her desire to have a third child, specifically a little sister for her two kids. Hilton is eager for her fans to see her as a fun and loving mom, as well as a hardworking individual. She described the new season of her reality show as a healing experience, filled with special moments, such as introducing her mom to baby Phoenix for the first time.

In conclusion, Paris Hilton’s decision to have her children via surrogacy was not an easy one, but it was driven by a desire to prioritize the well-being of her family and protect them from the pressures of fame. Hilton is excited to share this new chapter of her life with her fans and showcase her love, hard work, and joy as a mother. The second season of “Paris in Love” is now available for streaming on Peacock.