Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato Prepare Pet-Friendly Cakes for Their Dogs

Are you ready for some holiday sweetness? Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato are teaming up to spread some love to their furry friends this holiday season. The dynamic duo recently appeared on The Roku Channel’s A Very Demi Holiday Special, where they showed off their baking skills by making pet-friendly cakes for their beloved dogs.

In an exclusive sneak peek, Hilton and Lovato can be seen in the kitchen, working together to create these adorable doggie desserts. With their creative instincts on full display, the stars decorate the cakes with mashed potato frosting. Hilton even suggests that mashed potato frosting on steak would be a fantastic idea for human food.

As they add the finishing touches to their colorful creations, Hilton and Lovato express their deep affection for their pets. Hilton, who welcomed a new furry family member in July, shares how important her dogs are to her. Lovato chimes in, saying that her pups are an integral part of her family, especially during the holidays when they enjoy opening presents together on Christmas morning.

After putting their baking skills to the test, Hilton and Lovato are ready for the ultimate moment: letting their dogs taste their specially made cakes. With excitement and anticipation in the air, the stars repeat the magical word “treats” to pique their furry friends’ interest. The video cuts off just as the adorable pooches approach Lovato’s cake, leaving viewers eager to discover which cake was the clear winner.

To witness this heartwarming moment and find out which cake reigns supreme, make sure to tune into A Very Demi Holiday Special on The Roku Channel. This star-studded program will be available to stream from December 8th onwards. Don’t miss out on the love and joy that Hilton and Lovato are spreading to their four-legged companions this holiday season!

Check out the festive trailer for A Very Demi Holiday Special, which features appearances from other talented individuals like JoJo and Paris Hilton, on YouTube. Here’s the link: