Our Guardian Angel

O Holy Angel,
God by His goodness and His tender care,
has charged you to be my Guardian.
Assist me in my needs,
comfort me in my afflictions,
support me when I am discouraged
and obtain for me the favour of:
(Share your request…)

But may God’s will be done.

O Holy Angel,
I return my profound thanks,
and I earnestly beseech Thee,
O most amiable protector.

O Holy Angel, continue thy charitable care and defend me against the malignant attacks of my enemies. Keep me free from the occasions of sin. Obtain for me the grace to listen attentively to thy holy inspirations and help me to faithfully put them into practice. In particular, I implore thee to obtain for me the favour which I ask for in this novena.

O Holy Angel, protect me in all my temptations and trials, but more especially protect me at the hour of my death, and do not leave me until you have taken me into the presence of my Creator in the mansions of everlasting happiness. Amen.