One act of kindness can mean the world

While entering Dunkin’ Donuts, she noticed a homeless man collecting change on the side of the road. He quickly entered and began counting his money. When she started chatting with him, he became really upset.

Because he only had about a dollar in change, she decided to offer to buy him a coffee and a bagel out of her pocket in exchange for his willingness to sit and speak. He accepted. They talked for about an hour before she realized she had to return to class. He then left her a message and encouraged her to wait.

“I just heard about a sociological experiment in which a young woman dressed appropriately and left on the sidewalk by herself. Most of the onlookers took advantage of the occasion to ask her if she needed assistance and where her parents were. That same female was now standing there, dressed in dirty, worn clothes. Several people noticed her, yet none of them seemed to notice her.”

That is the terrible fact of today: I worry that the world will become a place where greedy individuals judge others solely on their appearance. Alternatively, why is a wealthy person’s life more valuable than a poor person’s?

Fortunately, someone demonstrates along the road that not everyone has lost the ability to feel sympathy for others who are less fortunate, giving us hope that not everything is lost.

Casey Fischer was on her way to Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee during her lunch break when she noticed a homeless man collecting pennies by the side of the road. He then entered, intending to get something to eat.

Fisher got closer and saw that the man’s hand had only made $1. She invited him to join her at her table and paid for his coffee and bagel.

Chris introduced himself to Fischer and related his experiences of being treated unfairly because he was homeless.

He admitted to using drugs, which had changed him into the man he despised.

Fischer informed Chris that, while she was delighted to meet him, she needed to return to class. He handed her a crumpled piece of paper with something scribbled on it that he had given to his new acquaintance after urging her to wait a moment.

Fischer was taken aback when he read the message. She had no idea how much her actions would influence the homeless man. This meeting meant much more to him than a bagel and a cup of coffee. It affected him.

“Today, I wanted to murder myself,” the message continued. “…but I no longer do as a result of you.” We would also like to thank this nice young lady for her assistance. You are the change that the planet requires to continue.

Please forward this information to your loved ones.

Love and Peace