Ohio Woman Adopts Late Ex-Wife’s Newborn to Provide a Loving Home

Woman Adopted the Child of the Ex of Her Husband

Christie Werts, a 48-year-old resident of Ohio, made headlines for her remarkable act of adopting the newborn son of her late husband Wesley’s ex-wife. Christie, who has personal experience with the foster care system, wanted to ensure that the newborn, named Levi, would not have to go through the same difficult journey.

Blended Family Welcomes a New Member

In 2018, Christie married Wesley, who is 45 years old. They combined their families, which included Christie’s children, Megan (21) and Vance (15), and Wesley’s children, Austin (14) and Dakota (10). Unfortunately, they received the devastating news that Wesley’s ex-wife had passed away shortly after giving birth to Levi. Without hesitation, Christie knew that they should adopt him.

“I knew instantly that we should adopt Levi. Having been a foster child myself, I didn’t want him going through that system,” Christie shared.

Relocating to Make it Official

The adoption process was not straightforward. The family had to sell their home in Ohio and move to Texas in order to officially foster Levi before finalizing the adoption.

“The adoption process took 16 months. Though Wesley and I weren’t in frequent touch with the biological mother’s family, we knew we had to act,” Christie explained.

A Heartwarming Journey to Parenthood

Christie had some initial concerns about adopting a child she had never met before. However, as soon as she met Levi, her fears quickly disappeared.

“Adopting Levi was different from having biological kids. Yet, he instantly stole my heart, and I felt an overwhelming need to protect him,” said Christie.

Building a Future Filled with Love

Levi is now legally a part of the family, with his own birth certificate and a name. Christie describes the moment as incredibly emotional and believes that their journey was meant to be.

“Levi may not understand now, but we will let him know one day how hard we fought for him,” she stated.

Words of Encouragement for Prospective Adoptive Parents

For couples who are considering adoption, Christie emphasizes the importance of having a strong relationship and treating all children equally, whether they are biological or step-children.

“Ensure that your relationship is rock-solid before introducing kids into the mix,” Christie advised.

The Reality of Foster Care Adoption

In her concluding thoughts, Christie acknowledges that the adoption process, particularly from the foster care system, is not easy.

“Adoption is not about self-interest; it’s about the genuine desire to love and care for a child. The system isn’t perfect, but you must take it one day at a time,” she concluded.

Adopting Levi was a moving experience for Christie, who wanted to provide a loving home for a child in need. Her journey serves as an inspiration and a reminder that with love and determination, families can be built in the most unexpected ways.