Neil Diamond Embraces Parkinson’s Diagnosis: Finding Peace and Continuing the Beat

Accepting the Journey

Neil Diamond, the beloved singer behind hits like “Hello Again,” has come to terms with his Parkinson’s disease. In a heartfelt interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the 82-year-old music icon shared that it’s only been in recent weeks that he has fully accepted his diagnosis, which he first revealed in 2018. Despite the challenges, there is now a sense of calm in the air.

“Yet, somehow, the cyclone of my life has passed, and things have grown quite quiet, as quiet as this recording studio,” says Diamond. “And I enjoy it. I find that I like myself better. I’m easier on people and myself, and the beat keeps going, and it will continue long after I’m gone.”

The Music Lives On

Though Diamond retired from touring five years ago, his connection with his devoted fans remains steadfast. In the interview, he acknowledges the reality of the situation, saying, “I’m still doing it. But this is me; this is what I must accept.” He shares that he is willing to face the challenges and make the best of the hand that God has dealt him.

An Unforgettable Performance

In a heartwarming moment last December, Diamond surprised fans and audience members during a performance of the musical “A Beautiful Noise,” which chronicles his life. It marked his return to his hometown of New York since 2017 and left those in attendance in awe.

With his wife, Katie McNeil, by his side, Diamond entered the theater to a standing ovation, walking the red carpet before an impromptu rendition of his iconic song “Sweet Caroline.” The joy and excitement of the crowd were palpable as they joined him in a singalong, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Reflecting on the Past

During his conversation with Anthony Mason, Diamond opens up about the challenges of witnessing his younger self portrayed on stage in the musical. He admits feeling a mix of emotions – ashamed, flattered, and afraid. When asked about his fears, Diamond explains, “Getting discovered is the scariest thing you can aspire for because we all have a façade, and the truth be known to all. I’m not some big star. I’m just me.”