Naughty Parrots Stir Up Trouble at Wildlife Sanctuary

Zoo separates five naughty parrots who swear at visitors and laugh – you won’t believe what they say

A wildlife sanctuary in England found itself in an unexpected predicament when it had to separate five cheeky African Grey parrots from visitors. These particular parrots, known for their exceptional mimicry skills, became the center of attention for their expletive-filled conversations. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre, home to a large colony of 200 African Grey parrots, adopted these mischievous birds from different households across the U.K. Little did they know that their new residents would turn out to be such bad influences!

A Foul-mouthed Flock Like No Other

African Grey parrots are renowned for their intelligence, with a cognitive level comparable to that of a four to six-year-old child. However, these parrots took their intelligence to a whole new level by learning a repertoire of rude phrases. Steve Nichols, the center’s chief executive, revealed, “We are quite used to parrots swearing, but we’ve never had five at the same time. Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason these five relish it.”

Why Do Parrots Swear?

One might wonder why parrots pick up foul language in the first place. Nichols explained that when people have parrots as pets, they often encourage them to say or do something unusual, and swear words tend to be the most common target. The parrots associate swearing with laughter and attention, prompting them to repeat the words to trigger reactions from people. It’s a natural response to find it amusing, but little do we realize that we are inadvertently giving these parrots a license to curse.

Separating the Trouble-Makers

Even though most visitors found the parrots’ language amusing, the wildlife center decided to separate Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade, and Elsie from each other and the public. While the parrots didn’t offend anyone, the center didn’t want to risk any feathers being ruffled. Visitors shared mixed reactions online, with some finding the separation unnecessary and others suggesting adult-only shows for the foul-mouthed parrots.

Parrots Together Again

Reuniting the Foul-mouthed Fellows

After months of public pleas, the wildlife sanctuary reunited the parrots in February 2022. The center had hoped that the parrots would learn new, more positive vocabulary from their fellow parrots. Despite their efforts, the chain of profanity and giggles continued, with one parrot swearing, followed by another laughing, and so on. While the center now faces the challenge of ensuring appropriate behavior from both parrots and visitors, they view these naughty parrots as a great attraction that can help raise funds for their important conservation work.

These foul-mouthed parrots have undoubtedly made a name for themselves at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre. Alongside them, Chico, a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, has captivated audiences with his rendition of Beyoncé’s hit song “If I Were a Boy.” These hilarious birds are a testament to the unique and unpredictable nature of wildlife. So, what do you think about these swearing birds? Share this story and let’s see what others have to say about these fascinating creatures!