Natalie and Josh’s Relationship Status on 90 Day: The Single Life

Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein’s future on 90 Day: The Single Life seems uncertain. In a recent scene, Natalie expressed the need to think and make serious decisions about their relationship. The teaser for the upcoming episode shows a heated argument between Natalie and Josh, with Natalie calling him “f—ing weak” before storming out.

One of the main obstacles in their relationship seems to be the reluctance of Josh to move forward. Natalie’s mother questioned why Josh hasn’t asked Natalie to marry him even after a year together. She desires grandkids and wants Natalie to have a family and a husband.

Natalie shares the same desires as her mother. In previous episodes, she has expressed her wish to take their relationship to the next level. Despite Natalie’s big step of moving from Florida to Los Angeles to be with Josh, their relationship hasn’t progressed significantly.

However, there may be more than just the timeline holding them back. Natalie is still legally married to Mike, and she maintains strong ties with her estranged spouse. Natalie’s mother still has warm feelings for Mike, as he was the one who brought Natalie to America and provided financial support for their escape from Ukraine.

In a recent episode, Natalie and her mother FaceTimed with Mike, and they all seemed friendly. Mike even planned a lunch date with Natalie’s mother. Natalie expressed concerns about her mother’s lingering feelings for Mike impacting her relationship with Josh. It seems that Josh still has a long way to go in winning over Natalie’s mother, and possibly even Natalie herself.

The upcoming episode will reveal more about the challenges Natalie and Josh face in their journey. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and find happiness together? Stay tuned to find out!