Mom Who ‘Gave Up Entire Life’ to Raise 6 Kids in Tears on Mother’s Day After Getting No Recognition: ‘Of All the Days’

“My kids are disappointing,” Kelsey Mayfield says in her viral TikTok video.

One mother is sharing her feelings on Mother’s Day.

In a TikTok video, which has now garnered over 500,000 views, Kelsey Mayfield opens up about her emotional Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12. While sitting in her car, the mother of six describes how she woke up that day without any recognition from her kids.

“I can’t even get myself together to go inside and get a smoothie,” she explains, wiping away tears. “As someone who gave up their entire life, it just felt like the best, most rewarding thing I could possibly do with myself. Not to continue my career, not to continue my personal development, professionally speaking.”

Mayfield adds that she “quit everything” to focus on her kids.

“And today, on Mother’s Day of all days, you would think that that would be the day where you would get the glow of all that effort,” she says.

Later in the video, Mayfield shares footage of herself walking in a park, explaining how she ended up spending the day by herself because her “kids are disappointing.”

“6 kids and not 1 card but it’s okay I’ll go pick my own flowers #mothersday #wompwomp,” she captions the TikTok.

Since posting, Mayfield has received over 3,400 comments from other mothers who’ve been in similar situations. One mom wrote, “My older son gave me my very first gift which he used his own money for. He is 19. There is hope.”

“I’ve been crying these same tears all day,” another user replied. “Mom of 4 ages 19-27 and not one card or phone call.” Mayfield replied to the comment, “Happy Mother’s Day, friend.”

While some users chimed in with similar stories, others offered suggestions on how Mayfield should handle the situation now and in the years ahead.

One mom advised Mayfield to have a conversation with her kids and tell them how she feels, emphasizing that her feelings matter.

“I started planning trips with girlfriends on Mother’s Day weekend. We choose us. Start doing it. It’s liberating and creates joy,” someone else wrote, suggesting Mayfield prioritize self-care and enjoyment on Mother’s Day in the future.