Miley Cyrus is in our thoughts and prayers as she grieves for her tragic loss.

“I never forgot the gift given to me,” the singer stated.

Because our canine friends are family, losing a dog is similar to losing a family member.

Miley Cyrus revealed the devastating news that her dog had passed away.

Mary Jane, the Pit Bull cross, was a rescue. Miley gave her a new lease on life, and Mary Jane knew precisely how to express her gratitude: by being the best dog, anyone could want.

Her dog was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago, according to the “Midnight Sky” singer. “Anyone who knows me, and it doesn’t have to be well,” she said on Instagram before describing the dog’s medical condition.

“It wasn’t the first time someone had encouraged me to appreciate her one-of-a-kind character, so the idea didn’t come as a surprise. I’d been doing it for ten years.”

While it is easy to “take things for granted” and “let minor miracles pass you by without moments of appreciation,” the singer says she “never once forgot the gift I had been given” when Mary Jane was in her life.

“As she exhaled her last breath, I thanked her several times for everything she had done for me and been to me. It was more important than a friend or family member. Something new and distinctive. It’s tough to pin down.”

“Our interaction was simply divine. “Unrivaled affection,” the singer went on. “We have never intentionally injured one another with anything we have said or done. We’ve never gotten into an argument and then gone to bed angry. We’ve never wavered in our commitment.”

The singer did everything she could to ensure Mary Jane’s comfort in her final days.

“Even if she isn’t in pain anymore, I am. “That is the essence of love,” she went on. “With dignity, elegance, calm, and power, Mary Jane died.”

She treated everyone with respect and compassion as her guiding concept throughout her life. She could be brave when necessary, but never for long.

“She would never shut the door on her soul. She led such a free life. “The ability to love and be loved,” she went on. “Oh, Mary Jane was a better depiction of us all!”

Miley shared beautiful photos and videos of herself and Mary Jane, thanking her furry buddy for their beautiful days together.

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