Mariah Carey’s Unconventional Lifestyle: No Driver’s License, No Sneakers, and an Abundance of Christmas Trees!

Image: Mariah Carey Reveals She Hasn't Had a Driver's License for 7 Years

Mariah Carey, the iconic singer known for her hit song “All I Want for Christmas,” recently shared some interesting tidbits about her life on The Jennifer Hudson Show. While chatting with host Jennifer Hudson, Carey admitted that she hasn’t driven herself anywhere in the past seven years. But before you assume it’s due to diva behavior, let’s hear her explain.

“It’s not that I’m being a diva,” Carey clarified. “I don’t have a license because I let it expire. I used to have one when I lived in the city, but driving in Manhattan was not my cup of tea.”

However, when Carey decided to address her expired license, she was surprised to learn that it had expired not just recently, but a whopping seven years ago! This revelation had the audience in stitches. Taking the test again seemed like a daunting task for Carey, and she found solace in Hudson’s agreement that taking the test wouldn’t be a walk in the park for either of them.

Despite her lack of a valid driver’s license, Carey did mention that she intends to work on getting it renewed. For now, she’s content with having someone else chauffeur her around. However, if she found a street she deemed safe enough, she would definitely take the wheel herself.

Moving on to fashion, when Hudson asked about the most casual item of clothing in Carey’s closet, the singer dropped a bombshell. Mariah Carey doesn’t own any sneakers! She confessed that she once bought a pair of hideous slides at someone’s insistence, but sneakers are simply not her style. The reason? Blisters! Carey reveals that she gets blisters on the back of her foot, making sneakers uncomfortable for her.

While some may find it surprising, Carey embraces her unique fashion choices. She explains that even though heels can be painful, she finds them easier to wear because she naturally walks on her toes. It’s been a personal quirk of hers for as long as she can remember.

And of course, no conversation with Mariah Carey would be complete without a mention of her love for Christmas. When asked about her holiday preparations, Carey’s festive spirit is palpable. Hudson inquired about the number of Christmas trees in Carey’s home, to which the singer sheepishly responded, “We have a lot.”

Pressed for details, Carey humorously clarified that it’s not an entire field of trees. She mentioned having a grand tree in the main part of the house, adorned with gold and silver ornaments for sheer elegance. In addition, she has a smaller tree with multicolored lights, reminiscent of the beloved Charlie Brown tree. This tree holds special ornaments made by her fans, creating a sentimental touch to her Christmas celebrations.

While Mariah Carey certainly lives a unique and unconventional lifestyle, it’s part of her charm. From her expired driver’s license to her distaste for sneakers and her abundance of Christmas trees, Carey brings her own flair to everything she does. Whether you’re a fan of her music or simply intrigued by her captivating persona, it’s clear that Mariah Carey is one-of-a-kind.

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