Man Finds $2.4 Million Worth Of Gold Hidden In An Old Tank

Imagine owning over 150 large tanks! That’s exactly what Nick Mead, the owner of Tanks A Lot Ltd., does. Nick purchases and restores old military vehicles, which are then used for various events like weddings, films, parties, and even funerals.

One day, Nick made an interesting purchase on eBay – an old tank from the ex-Iraqi Army Type 69. Little did he know that this tank held a surprising secret. Alongside his mechanic friend, Todd Chamberlain, Nick began the restoration process, expecting it to be just another routine job. But they were in for a big surprise.

During the tank stripping process, Nick and Todd stumbled upon machine gun ammunition. Concerned about the possibility of guns hidden inside the fuel tank, they decided to document the opening of the tank, just in case they needed to show it to bomb disposal experts. However, what they discovered was far from munitions.

Inside the fuel tank of the old tank, they found not guns, but five gold bars weighing about 12lbs each. Astounded by their discovery, Nick shared, “We didn’t know what to do. You can’t exactly take five gold bullion bars down to Cash Converters without questions being asked, so we called the police.”

The police were duly informed, and the gold bars were handed over. However, Nick and Todd have a receipt for the bars safely stored in a deposit box. They suspect that the gold was looted by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait during the Gulf War.

Nick’s fortunate find proves that hidden treasures can truly be found in the most unexpected places. It just goes to show that sometimes, owning an old tank can lead to a surprising windfall.