Luxury Container Cabin in the Middle of the Forest

Container homes have become quite popular these days, but not all of them can be considered luxurious. However, the Sea Containers cabin featured in this video breaks the mold and offers a truly unique and upscale experience.

Located in Index, Washington, on about six acres of land, this cabin is nestled amidst the beauty of the forest. The owner, Nick, and his wife purchased this property in 2010 with the intention of having a place to ski and enjoy the river during the summer months.

With a total of six small cabins on the property, Nick and his wife decided to share their cozy abodes on Airbnb in 2017. They started with an A-frame tree house and then embarked on their most ambitious project yet: the sea container cabin.

The cabin is constructed using two 40-foot-long containers. Nick bought the containers second-hand from 2007, and their dented sides bear witness to their previous life. The cabin’s unique design makes it a perfect ski retreat, as it is conveniently located just 30 minutes away from a popular skiing area.

But why containers? Well, Nick wanted something different, something that would attract both long-term guests and vacationers. Containers seemed to fit the bill perfectly and their structural strength made them an excellent choice.

During the construction phase, Nick and his wife were mindful of their impact on the environment. They made it a point to preserve the surrounding trees and fit the containers in between them. The cabin was built around the trees, while extra care was taken not to damage any tree roots.

One of the highlights of this luxury cabin is the two-person hot tub on the roof. Nick wanted to create a truly memorable experience for the guests and the hot tub adds that extra touch of indulgence.

Inside the cabin, the ground floor houses the living room and kitchen, spanning a total area of 640 square feet. The open floor plan allows guests to cook, dine, and relax comfortably. The living room is equipped with an electric fireplace that allows users to change the color of the flames, adding a cozy ambiance to the space.

Nick loves incorporating LED lighting into his designs, and the cabin is no exception. LED strips create striking light sculptures in the living area and bedrooms. Guests can dim the lights to create the perfect atmosphere.

The cabin also features lava rock, which Nick uses to create a unique aesthetic. The kitchen wall is adorned with Basalt tiles made from cooled lava. To keep the cabin sustainable, the countertops are made from recycled materials and the floors are cork, both eco-friendly choices.

The kitchen is equipped with an electric two-burner stove and a convection microwave oven. While there’s no dishwasher, whoever takes on the dishwashing duty gets to enjoy a stunning view of a 110-year-old fir tree through the kitchen window.

On the lower level, you’ll find a powder room with a contemporary sink and toilet, complete with a floor-to-ceiling window. From there, the cabin opens up to a back deck where guests can unwind and enjoy the grill area made from 95% recycled plastic.

Nick and his wife completed the construction of the cabin in just a few months, welcoming their first guests in March. The containers themselves cost $12,000, while the total cost for the cabin amounted to $250,000.

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in the heart of nature, the Sea Containers cabin offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy the peacefulness of the forest, soak in the hot tub under the stars, and make unforgettable memories in this truly unique container cabin.

To take a virtual tour of the cabin, watch the video above.