Kelly Ripa Hears from Mark Consuelos He Doesn’t Want Any More Kids

Kelly and Mark

In an exclusive sneak peek from Kelly Ripa’s upcoming podcast, Let’s Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, a candid conversation between Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos reveals their perspectives on having more children and the joys of parenthood. Despite not wanting any more kids, Mark Consuelos expresses his excitement about eventually becoming a grandfather.

Kelly asks Mark if he would ever consider getting remarried after their marriage, to which Mark firmly responds that he wouldn’t because he doesn’t want to have any more children. He states, “I don’t want any more kids. I’ll embrace the role of an older father.”

Kelly playfully points out that she knows many older men who have started having kids, but Mark maintains his stance. He explains that he doesn’t want to be parented any more than he already is at this stage in his life. They both agree that they already had the joy of raising their three children together – Michael, Lola, and Joaquin – and that they are immensely proud of them.

As Kelly reflects on her son Joaquin’s recent 20th birthday, she expresses how fast time seems to have flown by. She celebrates their journey of raising their children and acknowledges the importance of cherishing every moment.

The Let’s Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa podcast, produced by their Milojo Productions in collaboration with SiriusXM, promises to be an engaging and insightful series. The first episode, airing on March 22, features an impressive lineup of guests, including Matthew McConaughey, Andy Cohen, Carol Burnett, and Anderson Cooper.

Join Kelly on her podcast as she dives into intimate conversations with her guests, touching on various aspects of life, love, and parenthood. You’re invited to listen in and be a part of these compelling discussions.