Kelli Giddish Welcomes Baby Boy and Shares His Charming Name!

Kelli Giddish, beloved actress known for her role as Amanda Rollins on Law & Order: SVU, recently gave birth to her third child – a sweet baby boy! She took to social media to announce the exciting news and introduce her little one to the world.

Meet Oldie Richards – The Bundle of Joy!

Kelli and her husband, Beau Richards, welcomed Oldie on June 20th, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. In a heartwarming black and white photo featuring Kelli, Beau, and their newborn son, she expressed their gratitude and overflowing love.

In Kelli’s own words, “Oldie, you’ve brought immeasurable joy to me, your daddy, and your two brothers. You wake up smiling, and the light you bring to each moment is truly incredible.”

Fans Celebrate the Joyful Arrival!

Fans of Kelli Giddish, who have been following her journey since she first appeared on Law & Order: SVU, flooded the comments section with messages of congratulations and warm wishes. One fan even pointed out the beautiful coincidence that Kelli’s real-life pregnancy aligned with her character Amanda Rollins’ pregnancy on the show.

As one fan exclaimed, “What a little cutie! Congratulations! I love that all three pregnancies were written into SVU too – a very sweet way to immortalize those special moments in your life.”

Another fan wrote, “He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to you and your family! Wishing you and your family nothing but love and happiness. Thank you for sharing.” The outpouring of love and support for the Giddish family was truly heartwarming.

A Cherished Addition to the Family

Oldie joins Kelli Giddish’s two younger sons, Charlie (4) and Ludo (7). In addition, she also has two elder sons from her previous marriage. The Giddish family is now complete with their newest bundle of joy, bringing happiness and love to every moment.

Join in the Celebration!

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Congratulations, Kelli and Beau! Oldie is absolutely beautiful, and we wish your family a lifetime of love, happiness, and cherished moments together.