Keith Urban Supports Prostate Cancer Research

Keith Urban, the talented country singer-songwriter, recently returned to his home country of Australia to show his support for the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation. This important charity event raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research, a cause that is close to Urban’s heart.

Keith Urban at Wellcamp Airport

A Personal Connection

Prostate cancer has affected Urban’s family deeply. His father, Robert, sadly lost his battle with the disease in December 2015. Since then, Urban has been dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research in order to help others facing similar challenges.

Making a Difference

The “It’s a Bloke Thing” luncheon is an incredible initiative that has been making a significant impact. Over the past seven years, this event has raised millions of dollars towards prostate cancer awareness and research. In 2017 alone, the generosity of the local community resulted in over $1.53 million in donations.

Keith Urban’s Generosity

Keith Urban’s contribution to this cause goes beyond his musical talents. At the luncheon, he performed for free, helping to raise a staggering $2,024,000.00. His selfless gestures of generosity were instrumental in the event’s success, ensuring that significant funds were raised to support this philanthropic cause.

A Beacon of Hope

Keith Urban’s support shines a light on the importance of community and philanthropy. His dedication to fighting prostate cancer and honoring his father’s memory is truly inspiring. By coming together and contributing our resources, we can make a difference and bring hope to those affected by this disease.

Let’s continue to support organizations like the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation and work towards a future where prostate cancer is a thing of the past.