Kathie Lee Gifford: Living Her Best Life in Nashville

A Strong Friendship that Endures

It’s been five years since Kathie Lee Gifford bid farewell to the ‘Today’ show, but her friendship with former co-worker Hoda Kotb remains as strong as ever. During a recent segment called “Faves and Finds,” Hoda, now 59 years old, shared some exciting updates about Kathie Lee’s life.

The Talented Songstress

Hoda introduced a new song written by Kathie Lee called “3 Little Words,” showcasing her incredible talent for music. But that’s not all – she also shared some personal news about her old co-host.

Kathie Lee Gifford

Living Her Best Life

“By the way, Kat’s living her best life,” Hoda said with a smile. “She’s in Nashville, writing music, and spending precious time with her adorable grandkids. Kat, love you!”

A New Chapter

Kathie Lee and Hoda began their journey as co-hosts of the fourth hour of the ‘Today’ show back in 2008. However, in April 2019, Kathie Lee decided to step away, making room for Jenna Bush Hager. Her decision came after the tragic loss of her husband in 2015, which reminded her of life’s fleeting nature. She spoke about it on Jimmy Fallon’s show, recalling how her husband had no idea that morning would be his last. Unfortunately, her mother also passed away later on.

Since leaving the NBC morning show, Kathie Lee has embarked on a new phase of life. As a widow and an orphan, with both her husband and mother gone, she found herself with newfound freedom. Her children have also moved out, giving her the gift of time and resources to pursue her dreams.

Kathie Lee with her grandchildren

Pursuing Dreams and Creating Music

Settling in Nashville, Kathie Lee has been pouring her heart into various projects. From writing a book to working on her “dream project,” she has been busy and fulfilled. And of course, she cherishes every moment watching her three grandchildren grow up.

Celebrating Resilience and Cherishing Moments

The essence of friendship and connection can truly withstand the test of time. Hoda’s heartfelt revelation about Kathie Lee’s current chapter celebrates resilience, pursuing dreams, and cherishing the precious moments. Life may bring unexpected twists, but it also opens doors to new opportunities. Kathie Lee’s journey serves as an inspiration to us all – a reminder to embrace the present and live our best lives, no matter what age we may be.