Julia Roberts cherishes her role as a mom even as her kids become adults

Julia Roberts, the beloved actress known for her iconic roles, has opened up about her experience parenting her adult children in a recent interview on the Today show. Roberts, who shares twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (19) and son Henry (16) with her husband Danny Moder, revealed that despite her children growing up, they still allow her to be the same supportive mom she has always been.

When asked about how she handles technology in her household, Roberts explained that they have simple rules in place. They have a charging station where everyone puts their phones when they get home, and there are no phones allowed at the dinner table. It’s clear that Roberts values quality family time and wants to create a tech-free zone where they can connect and enjoy each other’s company.

As her twins are off to college and her youngest son is soon to join them, Roberts shared that she parents them in the same way, both inside and outside of the house. She constantly checks in on their well-being, making sure they are getting enough rest and taking care of themselves. She also appreciates the fact that her older kids still welcome her guidance and support without any eye-rolling or resistance. The bond between Roberts and her children is truly special, built on understanding and love.

During the interview, Mahershala Ali, Roberts’ co-star in their new movie Leave the World Behind, asked her about the difference in discomfort between her leaving for work and her children leaving for college. Roberts admitted that it can be tough being away from her family, especially when they are all in different time zones. However, they find ways to stay connected, like having a fun-filled FaceTime session where they all came together. It was a heartwarming moment for Roberts, who cherishes every opportunity to be with her loved ones.

Roberts and Moder have done an incredible job raising their kids, and it’s evident in the strong bond they share. In a sweet tribute to her twins on their 19th birthday, Roberts posted a throwback photo on social media, reminiscing about the joy, fun, and adventures they have experienced together as a family. Parenthood is a journey filled with love, and for Julia Roberts, being a mom is a role she treasures even as her children transition into adulthood.