Joe Manganiello Finds Love Again, Moves in with New Girlfriend

Less than a year after his divorce from Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello has found love again. The Magic Mike actor is now in a serious relationship with actress and host Caitlin O’Connor. The couple recently made their relationship official and are taking the next big step by moving in together.

Despite the significant age difference (Joe is 47 and Caitlin is 34), their relationship is going strong. Caitlin still maintains her own house, a wise decision considering they have only been together for a few months. Joe’s dog, Bubbles, has also taken a liking to Caitlin, proving that their bond is growing stronger every day.

One of the main reasons behind Joe’s divorce from Sofia was their differing views on starting a family. Joe expressed a desire to be a father, while Sofia had no interest in having more children. With Caitlin, it remains to be seen what their plans are for the future. However, for now, they are happy and deeply in love.

Joe Manganiello and Caitlin O'Connor at HEAVEN Gala

While Joe is moving on with his new relationship, Sofia Vergara is enjoying her single life to the fullest. After her divorce from Joe, she was briefly linked to her ex-boyfriend Justin Saliman. However, Sofia made it clear that she was not interested in anything serious and wanted to focus on herself.

Now completely unattached, Sofia is excited about the prospect of dating without any pressure. She plans to spend more time in New York City, where she believes there is a bigger dating pool with more diverse options. According to Sofia, the energy and people of New York make it an ideal place to embrace her single status.

Despite their divorce, Joe and Sofia remain on good terms. When asked about Joe’s new relationship, Sofia expressed her well wishes and has moved on with her own life. She is focused on other things and is happy for Joe as he finds happiness with Caitlin.

In the end, both Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have found their own paths to happiness after their divorce. They have moved on in their own ways and are living the lives they truly want.