Jennifer Lopez Talks About Ben Affleck’s Expressive Face

Jennifer Lopez recently addressed the internet’s fascination with her husband Ben Affleck’s expressive face. During an interview at the Golden Globes, the actress reassured everyone that there was nothing to be concerned about.

In response to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier asking about Ben’s facial expressions, JLo playfully said, “Ben is doing alright! You don’t need to worry about Ben, let me just tell you. He is good. He is happy. He is here – he is nominated. He’s like, ‘I’m chilling, I don’t understand what people are pressed for.’”

JLo also jokingly added, “They don’t pick up on my face,” before bursting into laughter. Clearly, she is unfazed by the attention her husband’s expressions receive.

During another interview with Variety, JLo was asked how she knew that this marriage to Ben would be her last. She responded by saying, “Because when they say, ‘You know,’ you know. And other times when you didn’t know… you also didn’t know. I think you always go in with the best of intentions every single time that you ever leap into anything.”

While JLo’s responses were light-hearted, some fans expressed their surprise and discontent at the “awkward” question about her marriage. Nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez confidently handled the situation with grace and humor.

The celebrity couple attended the Golden Globes alongside Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso. Although their film “Air” was nominated for two awards, they unfortunately did not win.

Despite the attention on Ben Affleck’s expressions and the awkward question about their marriage, Jennifer Lopez proved that she is focused on supporting her husband and enjoying the glamorous event.