Jay Leno Hospitalized After Garage Fire

Former Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, has been hospitalized with serious burns following a gasoline fire at his Los Angeles garage. Known for his love of classic cars, Leno was reportedly in his Burbank garage when one of his vehicles suddenly burst into flames.

Leno’s extensive car collection, consisting of 160 cars and 130 motorcycles, is housed at the garage. Thankfully, Leno is in stable condition and is expected to recover soon.

Leno, who currently hosts the TV series Jay Leno’s Garage, streaming on Peacock, is a beloved figure among car enthusiasts. His accident, however, led to speculation among fans, with some attributing it to his past struggles with high cholesterol. Leno has openly discussed his battle with high cholesterol as a “time bomb.”

Despite the accident, Leno’s other projects, such as hosting the syndicated game show You Bet Your Life, are not expected to be affected. The show has already wrapped filming for its second season.

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Jay Leno’s passion for classic cars is no secret. With a collection of 160 cars and 130 motorcycles, he has built a paradise for car lovers in his Burbank garage.

Leno’s love affair with automobiles is so strong that he even hosts a TV series called Jay Leno’s Garage, where he showcases his remarkable collection. From vintage beauties to exotic supercars, Leno’s garage is a haven for automotive enthusiasts.

His dedication to preserving and showcasing these automotive treasures has made him a beloved figure in the car community. Leno’s knowledge, humor, and genuine enthusiasm for all things automotive make his show an absolute joy to watch.

Despite the recent accident, we can rest assured that Jay Leno’s love for classic cars will continue to shine, and soon enough, he’ll be back on his feet, doing what he does best – sharing his passion with the world.