Jana Kramer’s Hospitalization During ‘Babymoon’ Highlights the Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

Jana Kramer, the 39-year-old country music singer, recently shared her experience of being hospitalized during her ‘babymoon’ with fiancé Allan Russell. The couple were in Florida, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child together. While Jana had been documenting her back pain for weeks, she didn’t realize how serious it was until she ended up in the hospital.

In a heartfelt caption on Instagram, Jana emphasized the importance of not brushing off pain and taking care of yourself. She admitted to being guilty of neglecting her own well-being, as many moms-to-be often are. She recounted how she dismissed her back pain as a normal part of pregnancy and hesitated to see a doctor.

However, a kind person reached out to her, warning her that the pain could be related to her kidneys. This message prompted Jana to seek medical attention. Despite wanting to enjoy their babymoon, the pain became unbearable, and they decided to go to the hospital.

“After a two-day stay in the hospital and receiving antibiotics, I realized that I had let the infection progress further than it should have,” Jana shared. Accompanying her words were photos and videos of her in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines.

Jana Kramer’s Advice for Those Experiencing Unexplained Pain

Jana didn’t want her hospital experience to go to waste. She wanted to share her lesson with others, urging them to listen to their bodies and not ignore unexplained pain. She emphasized the seriousness of neglecting one’s health and encouraged her followers to seek medical help when needed.

Her caption also included a special shout-out to the nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital, who took care of her during her stay. Jana expressed her gratitude towards her fiancé, Allan Russell, who refused to leave her side and slept on a pull-out chair at the hospital.

In a separate Instagram post, Jana shared more moments from her babymoon, including beach and water adventures with Allan. Despite not feeling well, they made the most of their time together, cherishing every minute.