J.Lo’s Classic Hits Still Win Over Her Kids

Jennifer Lopez, the iconic pop star, may have a massive global following, but her children don’t seem to be swayed by her latest music. In a recent interview with Variety, Lopez revealed that her twins, Emme and Max, actually prefer her earlier hits like “Jenny From the Block” over her newer sound.

During the interview, J.Lo shared a heartwarming story of playing her 2002 album, “This Is Me … Then,” for her now-teenage children. To her surprise, they reacted with awe and astonishment, asking in wonder, “Is this you, Mommy?” It was a moment that struck a chord with the singer, as she realized her kids still appreciated her older repertoire.

After the initial shock and joy, Jennifer decided to play another one of her classic tracks and sought her children’s honest opinions. To her delight, the 15-year-olds enthusiastically replied with a resounding “yes,” indicating their continued love for her earlier music.

But there was a playful twist. J.Lo confessed that her kids also cheekily remarked that they prefer her old tracks compared to her recent work. With a laugh, she called it a “good ouch,” accepting their honest feedback in good spirits.

It seems like J.Lo’s twins are not the only ones with mixed feelings about her new music. The singer faced some backlash after releasing a teaser for her song “Can’t Get Enough.” Some fans interpreted the video as a direct jab at her ex, Ben Affleck, amid rumors of marital problems. Others criticized Lopez for her provocative dance moves and outfits.

Nonetheless, Jennifer Lopez is a force to be reckoned with. Her highly anticipated ninth album is set to debut soon, leaving fans curious to see if it will live up to their expectations. Alongside the album, the pop star has an ambitious three-part project in the works, including an Amazon original film and a documentary that delves into her complex relationship with Ben Affleck.

As Jennifer’s career ventures into new territory, her older hits continue to resonate with her children and fans alike. After all, timeless music knows no age limits.