I Found Suggestive Photos From the Nanny and Kicked My Husband Out

Being a parent can be challenging, especially when you need to find someone to take care of your precious little one. That’s exactly what happened to a 28-year-old woman who sought advice on Reddit after making a shocking discovery. Let’s dive into her incredible story.

The woman, who we’ll call Sarah, is a mom to an 11-month-old baby named Cassie. Like many working parents, Sarah and her husband, Alex, needed someone to look after their daughter while they were at work. They decided to hire a nanny and everything seemed fine… until Sarah stumbled upon some suggestive photos in her husband’s belongings.

Sarah was taken aback and turned to Reddit for help. Despite being new to the platform, her little sister suggested she share her story. Sarah, who is originally from France but now lives in the US, explained that after a difficult birth, she returned to work as a psychologist when Cassie was four months old. As a result, the couple began searching for a nanny to care for their daughter.

Alex’s colleague recommended his daughter, Liv, who had dropped out of college. Sarah hired Liv, who was 20 years old, and everything seemed great. However, Sarah did notice that Liv was quite attached to Cassie and had a crush on Alex. She found it amusing, as she trusted her husband and felt secure in their relationship.

But one Thursday night, while bathing Cassie, Alex asked Sarah to do something on his phone. That’s when she accidentally stumbled upon some photos from Liv. They were undeniably suggestive, showing Liv in lingerie and provocative poses. Sarah checked the history and discovered that Liv had been sending these pictures for a while.

Understandably, Sarah was upset and confronted Alex. However, he became defensive and dismissed her concerns, accusing her of using her “psychiatrist tricks” on him. Frustrated and feeling disrespected, Sarah kicked him out of the house, vowing not to let him return until she had answers.

Sarah considered taking Cassie back to France to be with her family for a while. Despite Alex’s mother and friends insisting that the texts were harmless, Sarah stood her ground. She felt disrespected and refused to tolerate such behavior.

After immediately traveling to France to visit her family, Sarah made the difficult decision to return to the US. Her family promised to support her and provide assistance with moving and legal matters. Over the next two months, they arranged for Sarah to be the primary custodian of Cassie, making most decisions regarding their daughter’s upbringing.

Alex hoped that once they were in France, Sarah would become more sympathetic and let him back into their lives. However, Sarah had made up her mind and decided to move on without him. Sometimes, tough decisions need to be made for the sake of your own well-being and happiness.

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