Hours before their brave daughter passed away from cancer, parents shared a devastating farewell image of them consoling her.

Like other girls her age, Zoey Catherine Daggett enjoyed playing as a child.

However, Zoey tragically passed away two years ago following a two year struggle with cancer.

After posting pictures of their darling daughter’s final moments on Facebook, her parents, who are mourning their beautiful daughter, received support from all around the world.

When Zoey was given the cancer news, she was just three years old.

Before the disease took hold, she was full of life and constantly on the go, just like other kids. She grew up in a loving home. She was affectionate, fun, and joyful.

But in July 2016, things changed suddenly. While playing in the park, the young child from Fairport, New York, injured herself. She was taken to the doctor by her parents Caseby and Ben since their daughter limped. At worst, they anticipated an ankle fracture, but the X-ray revealed nothing.

She lost control of both hands a few weeks later, according to CBS8.

When they came, they heard something that will stay with them forever and leave a message that they will never forget. The doctor informed them that DIPG, a rare and severe brain tumor, was present in their cherished young daughter, who was so full of life and love.

Unfortunately, DIPG still has a very low survival rate. There is currently no treatment for this tumor. Typically, children are given 6 to 18 months to live after a diagnosis.

Her mother bravely made the decision to post the family’s final moment on Facebook.

“Even though it is a difficult time, in our view it is a beautiful moment,” Casey stated.

Parents are seen holding their cherished daughter in their arms. They had taken the family dog and sat down on the couch.

They had sung Disney songs all day long. On television, a Harry Potter movie was shown. And in the midst of the calm and peace, Zoey vanished without a trace. Approximately halfway through the film, Zoey’s heart stopped beating.

Cancer is the absolute worst thing I can imagine. Especially when it comes to children.

The lesson from Zoey’s story is to live each day as if it were your last, to love without thinking about the future.

Peace be with you, dear Zoey.