Horse Births Rare Filly With Unique Markings

Scott and Jackie Nelson, well-known horse breeders from Melbourne, Florida, have recently been surprised by the birth of a special filly at their riding ranch, Down Under Colour. This beautiful filly, affectionately named Coconut, was born with rare markings that hold great significance in indigenous culture.

In earlier times, horses like Coconut would have been designated as warhorses, prized possessions to indigenous people. These warhorses were ridden by the revered medicine men, who held the roles of spiritual guides and priestly healers in their tribes.

A true warhorse possesses distinct characteristics that make it stand out. It is a pinto horse with a white coat and a small patch that covers the top of its head and ears, known as a ‘medicine hat’ or ‘war bonnet’. These markings were believed to imbue the horse with special powers and protect the tribe from harm.

One captivating feature of a warhorse is that it must have one blue eye. According to indigenous tradition, should the medicine man be killed in battle, the horse’s blue eye would transport his spirit to the realm of the Gods. It was believed that warhorses could bring good fortune and safety to the tribe.

Warhorses were highly sought after, and rival tribes would sometimes attempt to steal them. The belief was that by possessing a warhorse, they would acquire the magic and power of the tribe to which the horse belonged. This resulted in warhorses being closely guarded and valued.

When Jackie and Scott discovered the rare markings on Coconut, they were frozen with shock. Their awe-inspiring moment was captured on video and shared with the world. The footage has garnered immense attention, with nearly 4 million views so far.

Witnessing the birth of Coconut has sparked curiosity and discussions around the indigenous folklore surrounding warhorses. Do you believe in the mystical powers attributed to these magnificent creatures? Share this article and the accompanying video with friends who would appreciate the remarkable fortune of Scott and Jackie’s rare filly.