Having Superman as an Uncle

Having a superhero as a member of your family may sound amazing, but it turns out it can also lead to some trouble. Henry Cavill, the star of the Man of Steel movie, shared a heartwarming story about his seven-year-old nephew, Thomas, who got into trouble at school for telling a little fib.

During an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Cavill shared how his nephew, Thomas, was over the moon when he found out that his uncle would be playing Superman in the upcoming reboot. Thomas was so excited that he wore a Superman outfit to school to share the news with his classmates and teachers.

When Thomas arrived at school, his teacher questioned his choice of attire and asked why he was dressed as Superman. Thomas, not holding back his excitement, proudly proclaimed, “Because my uncle is Superman!” Unfortunately, his teacher didn’t believe him and reprimanded him for wearing a costume to school.

It wasn’t until Thomas’ sister-in-law arrived and explained that Henry Cavill really was Superman that the truth came out. Cavill found the whole situation quite amusing, even though his nephew had gotten into a bit of trouble.

These family anecdotes show that even superheroes have their funny family moments. Cavill’s portrayal of Superman has had a significant impact not only on his fans but also on his own family. It’s heartwarming to see the admiration and love Cavill’s nephew has for his superhero uncle.

Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman, is set to hit theaters on June 14th. This highly anticipated reboot is expected to entertain and thrill audiences of all ages. Make sure to catch the movie and see Cavill in action as the iconic superhero!