Ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley has finally made his voice heard.

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, has stated in the aftermath of her untimely death. Priscilla Presley acknowledged Lisa Marie’s death on January 12 by saying, “I have to deliver the heartbreaking news that my darling daughter Lisa Marie has passed away,” according to People.

“I’d never met someone as passionate, strong, and loving as she was. We want privacy as we mourn this tragic loss. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. At this moment, there will be no further debate.” Lisa Marie is believed to have had a heart attack.

Between 2006 and 2016, Lisa Marie was married to Lockwood, her fourth husband, for eleven years. During their marriage, the couple had twin children. Lisa Marie’s first marriage to Danny Keough, whom she married from 1998 to 1994 before having Finley and Harper in 2008, produced two children. Lisa Marie and Danny met celebrities Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, who unfortunately died in 2020.

Lockwood is now paying respect to their wonderful mother, Lisa Marie, and providing an update on their twins following her unexpected demise.

Following the death of Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood announced his lawyer, stating who now has custody of his adolescent daughters. “Her children needed her, so Michael hoped for a speedy and comprehensive recovery. It’s too bad things didn’t work out that way.” According to Entertainment Tonight, the statement said. “Everything in Michael’s life has changed. He is currently in the company of both of his daughters.” He then expressed his condolences to the Presley family.

Lisa Marie was well-known for her intimate bond with her family, particularly her children. Lisa Marie publicly discussed her love of motherhood before the birth of her and Lockwood’s twins in a 2004 “ABC News” interview. “Having children improves everything,” she explained.

“Even if you’re an adult, no matter what’s happening, they’re always there, so whatever they’re going through, you go through it with them as well. They serve as your anchor, compelling you to relinquish your individuality to focus completely on them, which is amazing. Oh, everything is wonderful.”

After her son Benjamin died in 2020, Lisa Marie was heartbroken and outspoken about her loss. She wrote a heartbreaking piece for People in August 2022, explaining that her desire to care for her girls drove her to live.

Michael Lockwood hoped Lisa Marie Presley would survive the medical problem that caused her death before she died. Lockwood’s lawyer highlighted his worry for what he, Presley, and her girls were going through in a statement that was even more terrible than when it was first made.

“As usual, Michael will be OK. The most pressing issue, both now and in the past, has always been Lisa Marie’s recovery and the safety of the children.”

“They are wonderful young ladies who do not require this in their lives,” Lockwood’s lawyer told Us Weekly. Michael hopes and prays for her rapid recovery so they can do their best to provide for their children.

Sadly, despite Lockwood’s words of encouragement for his ex-wife during her time of need, their relationship did not appear to be pleasant following their divorce in 2016. The ex-couple had been entangled in a protracted legal struggle over Harper and Finley’s custody, which had become increasingly heated.

Despite parting in 2016, the couple’s divorce was not finalized until May 2021, according to Us Weekly. Lockwood had moved on from their marriage and was even remarried.

The ex-relationship couple was strained during their court battle; a source reported this tension to The Sun in 2021. Michael is finished with Lisa after years in court, but the formal custody order has not yet been signed, and they are still working things out, according to a source.

He is unconcerned about the divorce since he is anxious to marry Stephanie [Hobgood] and go on with his life. Any notion that he desires to keep them together is absurd. They claimed Lockwood was delaying filing for child support, which is why it took the couple so long to settle their issues and formally split before their divorce was finalized in May 2021. “He wants to put it first, and they’re still bickering about stuff, so there are a lot of other issues at work here,” they explained.