Every night, a paralyzed lady watched her husband sneak into the garage.

Brad and Liz felt their life together would be fantastic even before they married. They had everything they could possibly desire.

They shared the same aspirations, values, and life goals.

Unfortunately, a horrible event happened three months before their wedding, affecting their lives forever.

The front left tire on Brad and Liz’s car, which they were driving with their three boys, blew out.

As a result of their loss of control, the car drifted off the road and flipped.

Fortunately, Brad just suffered a fractured leg, while the other three children only had minor injuries. Liz, on the other hand, cracked her back and became paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the circumstance.

Brad, a war veteran, has seen awful catastrophes in the past, but he was unprepared to see his own wife suffer such serious injuries.

Liz, a strong woman, struggled to adjust to her new life in a wheelchair, especially because hiking was one of the family’s main passions.

Brad devised a plan to help her through the most difficult terrain once more since he didn’t want her to feel left behind or unable to follow her love.

He was locked up in the garage for three months, trying and failing, but in the end, his perseverance paid off.

He designed an all-terrain vehicle that resembled a tank.

Liz eventually made it into the garage, where she discovered her husband’s fantastic surprise for her.

She was blown away and overjoyed.

Brad began creating these items for disabled soldiers on the front lines after realizing how useful this tank seat is for his wife!

What a generous soul he is! Everybody should hear his story. You have nothing to lose by spreading this wonderful act!