Ellen DeGeneres Shares Heartfelt Message About tWitch’s Death

It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone since the passing of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a dear friend and beloved personality on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” In her first public video statement, Ellen DeGeneres fought back tears as she shared a heartfelt message with her fans.

Addressing the pain and confusion that everyone is feeling, DeGeneres acknowledged that we may never fully understand why this tragedy occurred. The past 11 days have been a challenging journey for everyone involved, but it’s important that we support each other through this difficult time.

Boss, known for his infectious personality and captivating dance moves, was not only the talented DJ on DeGeneres’ show but also gained fame as a dancer on “So You Think You Can Dance.” His passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

DeGeneres expressed her devastation over the loss in a statement released shortly after the news broke. Her deep sadness was evident in the video as she struggled to find the right words to convey her emotions.

It’s important to remember that mental health matters and to reach out for help if you or someone you know is struggling. The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is available to provide support and connect you with trained counselors. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it.

Let us come together as a community to remember tWitch and celebrate the incredible person he was. His memory will live on both in our hearts and through the joy he brought to our screens.