Do Prince Harry, Prince William Watch ‘The Crown’? Why the TV Show’s Depiction of Princess Diana Isn’t ‘Easy for Either of Them’

Do Prince Harry, Prince William watch 'The Crown'? Why TV show's depiction of Princess Diana isn't 'easy for either of them.'

“The Crown” Provides a Window into the Royal Family, Says Author Omid Scobie

The Crown has become the go-to show for many people to get a glimpse into the lives of the royal family, says Omid Scobie, author of Endgame. The series has stirred quite a buzz, even among Prince Harry and Prince William. While Harry has admitted to watching the show, William has denied doing so. However, according to Scobie, reports have emerged that William felt “totally sickened” by the portrayal of their late mother, Princess Diana.

Scobie explains that although watching The Crown may not be pleasant for the brothers, there is a rightful public interest in the show’s depiction of the royal household since they are publicly funded institutions. However, he believes it is highly unlikely that either of them has sat down together to watch it.

The depiction of scenes involving their mother’s life would undoubtedly be emotionally challenging for both of them. The author also highlights that the brothers have differing opinions about how their mother’s infamous 1995 interview with journalist Martin Bashir was portrayed in the series.

The show’s depiction of the interview, which revealed the deceitful tactics used by Bashir to secure the interview, marked a turning point for the royal family’s relationship with The Crown. Initially, the family was excited about the show, as it showcased the early years of the House of Windsor. However, the arrival of Princess Diana’s story and the subsequent events changed their perception. The show became their worst enemy.

It is almost irrelevant whether the brothers watch The Crown or not, as the show has become the lens through which many people perceive the royal family and its history. While some aspects of the show may be fictionalized, the historical events and the emotions surrounding them are real and cannot be dismissed.

In November 2022, the release of the show’s fifth season depicted the raw emotions and social isolation that led to Princess Diana’s candid and revealing Panorama interview. This interview, watched by millions in 1995, shed light on the complex dynamics within the royal family. The subsequent investigation in May 2021 further exposed the unethical practices that played a role in Diana’s life and ultimate tragedy.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s public statements regarding their mother’s experiences and the show have been markedly different. Harry emphasized Diana’s dedication to service and the negative impact of exploitation, while William expressed concerns about the deceitful tactics used to obtain the interview and its effect on Diana’s mental state.

Scobie explores the contrasting statements in his book, highlighting that William’s statement inadvertently discredited a significant part of his mother’s own story. The differing viewpoints of the brothers reflect their individual perspectives and experiences. These differences likely extend to their interpretations of The Crown as well.