Defying Beauty Norms: 31-Year-Old Teacher Proudly Rejects Eyebrow Tweezing and Mustache Waxing

A Danish woman aged 31 has boldly chosen not to remove her facial hair, as a means to challenge prevailing beauty standards. Eldina Jaganjac, a teacher based in Copenhagen, is pushing back against societal pressures—particularly those coming from men—about how women should manage body hair.

In March 2020, Eldina made the decision to stop tweezing her mustache. This decision came from a realization that she feels equally feminine with or without facial hair. Despite being indifferent towards societal beauty norms, Eldina embraces her natural appearance. Remarkably, she has noticed that her facial hair acts as a sort of filter, repelling those whose values don’t align with her own.

Eldina has also noticed that by sporting a monobrow and facial hair, she discourages attention from more conservative suitors, which allows her to attract men who appreciate her for her personality over her looks.

“Before embracing my natural look, I thought women had limited options regarding their appearance. But when men skip shaving, nobody bats an eye—it’s perfectly normal,” Eldina shared with Unilad.

She also reflected on how stringent she was with herself previously, to the extent of avoiding social activities if her appearance didn’t meet certain standards. “I wouldn’t leave the house if my eyebrows weren’t perfectly groomed or skip the gym if I hadn’t waxed my legs,” she admitted.

Now, Eldina focuses more on her responsibilities and goals rather than her looks. “Meeting societal beauty standards is no longer my concern,” she confirms.

Eldina acknowledges that adapting to this new self-image was initially uncomfortable, but she resolved it with a strong standpoint. “If the worst people can do is shout at me over something so trivial, then I can certainly handle it,” she concluded confidently.