Continuing Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy: Breaking Barriers and Fighting Stigma Against HIV/AIDS

Quinn Tivey: Carrying Forward the Vision of My Beloved Grandmother

Quinn Tivey, grandson of the iconic Elizabeth Taylor and an officer of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), takes pride in continuing his grandmother’s legacy of advocating for those living with HIV and AIDS. In this article, he shares his dedication to the cause and the ongoing efforts of ETAF to educate, raise awareness, and eliminate the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

The Unjust Battle: Outdated HIV Criminal Laws

Breaking the Chains: Challenging Prejudice and Discrimination

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, in collaboration with Gilead Sciences, champions the “HIV Is Not A Crime” program. This initiative aims to reform outdated criminal laws and punishments that unfairly target individuals with HIV. These laws, born out of fear and prejudice decades ago, fail to align with the advancements in contemporary science and the understanding that properly treated HIV-positive individuals with undetectable viral levels pose no risk of transmission.

Overcoming Barriers for a Better Future

These unjust laws act as formidable barriers, perpetuating stigma and discrimination against individuals living with HIV. Shockingly, more than 30 states still treat persons with HIV as criminals, even when there is no evidence of transmission or malicious intent. Disproportionately affected groups include women, particularly transgender women, BIPOC communities, low-income populations, sex workers, and migrants. Black men, in particular, face a higher risk of incarceration and account for nearly half of all new HIV infections.

A Cause That Would Make Grandma Proud

Elizabeth Taylor’s indomitable spirit inspires us as we tackle the “HIV Is Not A Crime” project. She lived a remarkable life, fearlessly standing up for her convictions. She never backed down in the face of pressure and was never content with maintaining the status quo when it felt unfair or unjust.

Joining Forces: A Call to Action

You too can play a crucial role in fighting the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS. By supporting organizations like the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, you contribute to raising awareness, educating lawmakers, busting myths, and ensuring fair treatment for all. Together, we can honor Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy and create a world where no one is judged or criminalized based on their HIV status.


Quinn Tivey, grandson of the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, continues to champion her vision of a world free from the burdens of HIV and AIDS. Through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation’s tireless efforts, the voice of advocacy grows louder, breaking down barriers, and working towards a future where prejudice and discrimination have no place. Let us follow in their footsteps and stand up for what is right, just as Grandma did.