Contestant’s Celebration Leads to an Unexpected Injury

The Price Is Right Takes an Unexpected Turn

Contestant Henry had a moment of pure joy on The Price Is Right when he won a trip to Hawaii. Little did he know that his celebration would result in an unfortunate accident. During his exciting fist-pumping victory dance, Henry’s shoulder popped out of its socket. Ouch! It seems even game shows have their danger zones!

Drew Carey Explains the Incident

After Henry and his wife, Alice, left the stage, the host Drew Carey took a moment to address what had happened. He jokingly said, “Let me explain what happened. Henry shouted, ‘Woo!’ and jumped up and down, dislocating his shoulder.” It seems Henry’s exuberance got the best of him!

Carey, known for his humor, added, “I know.” He then shared that Henry wouldn’t be able to spin the famous wheel. However, the resilient 65-year-old host assured everyone that Alice would spin it on Henry’s behalf. Talk about teamwork!

Alice took the challenge and spun an impressive 95 cents, showing her lucky streak, just like her husband. Carey, amused by the situation, jokingly told her, “Don’t hurt yourself!” Alice responded with a cheerful clap. What a sport!

Henry’s Recovery and Well-Wishes

The show’s official Instagram page shared an update on Henry’s condition, along with a video of the incident. They wrote, “Update: Henry is feeling better and all healed now! He won a vacation to Hawaii and the ER.” It’s good to know that Henry bounced back from his injury and can now enjoy his well-deserved prize.

Support poured in on social media for the resilient contestant. One supporter exclaimed, “What a trooper! He played the entire game despite visibly feeling uncomfortable.” Another person commented, “Omg! Feel better, Henry, that’s absurd. You can relax in Hawaii.” Indeed, after such an unexpected mishap, a relaxing vacation is well-deserved.

A History of Injuries on the Show

While Henry’s injury may be one of the most recent, it’s not the first time that The Price Is Right has seen participants get hurt. In 1998, a contestant named Scott injured his knee while vying for a brand-new station wagon. And in 2014, Judy had to participate in the Showcase Showdown on crutches after slipping and hurting her ankle. Carey even announced that she would be heading to the hospital after the show.

The Price Is Right is full of excitement and surprise, but sometimes accidents happen. Even Drew Carey himself had a close call during the first episode he hosted in 2007 when his arm got snagged during the Grocery Game. Luckily, everyone involved in these mishaps made a full recovery.

The Price Is Right is not only a game show; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected moments. From thrilling victories to unexpected injuries, it never fails to entertain and keep us on the edge of our seats. So next time you’re watching the show, remember to celebrate responsibly and avoid any dance moves that might lead to a trip to the ER!