Cher Reveals the Honest Reason She Dates Younger Men

If you’ve ever wondered why Cher seemingly avoids dating someone her own age, the iconic star has a straightforward explanation that truly makes a lot of sense.

During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the 77-year-old entertainer shared why she prefers younger men as romantic partners.

While reminiscing about the time she turned down Elvis, Cher mentioned she often feels “really shy” around men, especially when she’s not working with them.

Then, without any prompting, she said, “And the reason I go out with young men is because men my age are older—well, now they’re all dead—but before, they were always terrified to approach me. And younger men were the only ones that…”

“They’re bold,” Jennifer Hudson chimed in.

“Yeah, raised by women like me,” Cher added.

Her explanation followed the media buzz around her relationship with Alexander “AE” Edwards, who is 40 years her junior.

When asked about Edwards’ intentions, Cher responded on X, “Let Me Explain…I DONT GIVE A [flying] FK WHAT ANYONE THINKS.”

It’s 2024, and people shouldn’t have to justify their choice of partners. As long as it’s not harming anyone, let people love who they love.