Charlize Theron’s Dedication to Her Craft

Charlize Theron Put on So Much Weight in $15M Movie She Got Potentially Career Ending Injury

Listed among Hollywood’s star-studded divas, Charlize Theron is known for her relentless dedication to her craft. Whether it’s gaining or losing weight, the 47-year-old actress always goes above and beyond to make her characters look authentic on screen. Theron’s commitment to her roles has solidified her as one of the most remarkable actresses of all time.

For one particular movie, Theron had to play a pregnant woman, which required her to gain nearly 50 pounds in addition to wearing a 45-pound fake belly. Unfortunately, this dedication led to a potentially career-ending injury due to the strain of the added weight.

Charlize Theron as a third-time-pregnant mother in a still from Tully (2018)

In the film “Tully,” a dark comedy directed by Jason Reitman, Theron portrays a pregnant struggling suburbanite. She agreed to undergo the physical transformation needed for the role, including gaining weight and wearing the fake belly. However, the challenges didn’t end there. Theron revealed that she suffered a herniated disc in her lower back during filming, putting her career at risk.

What makes this even more remarkable is that Theron had just achieved her best shape while training for her previous film, “Atomic Blonde,” with Keanu Reeves. Despite this setback, Theron remains unafraid of completely transforming her body for the sake of a role, proving her dedication to her craft time and time again.

Charlize Theron daydreamed about defeating Keanu Reeves in combat during their training together

Before filming “Tully,” Theron and Reeves trained together for their respective movies. They shared the same airport hangar to gear up for their action-packed roles. While they didn’t always train together, Theron couldn’t help but daydream about challenging Reeves to a hand-to-hand battle. She jokingly said, “I would have stupid moments where I would think I could actually tackle him and pin him down. He would just try to, in a very sweet way, entertain my complete stupidity and allow me to kind of pin him down.”

While this friendly rivalry was confined to their training sessions, fans can’t help but imagine who would win if Theron and Reeves were to engage in an actual fight.