Cardi B Speaks Out Against Biden’s Budget Cuts and Vows to Never Endorse Another President


In a passionate and fiery online rant, Grammy-winning artist Cardi B expressed her frustration with President Joe Biden and declared that she will no longer endorse any president. The main cause of her outrage stems from the proposed budget cuts in her hometown of New York City.

Cardi B addressed the recently unveiled plan by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to slash the city’s budget due to the increasing costs of the migrant housing crisis. She voiced her concern by stating, “We are going to be drowning in fucking rats,” during an Instagram live video. The rapper, known for her hit song “WAP,” previously supported Biden but has now changed her stance.

The artist highlighted the irony of the United States providing financial aid to Israel and Ukraine amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas and Ukraine-Russia conflicts, while New York City faces significant budget cuts. Cardi B exclaimed, “Joe Biden is talking about funding two wars… We can’t fund these wars. We could barely fund this country!”

With looming budget cuts that will impact essential services such as the police department, fire department, sanitation department, and schools, Cardi B expressed concerns that the city will become even dirtier and that crime rates will skyrocket. New York City must tackle a $7 billion budget gap in the upcoming fiscal year, according to Mayor Adams.

The Grammy-winning artist emphasized that no city should be left to handle a national humanitarian crisis without proper support from Washington, DC. In a statement, Mayor Adams expressed the need for significant and timely assistance to address the challenging fiscal situation New York City is facing.

Cardi B’s passionate outcry serves as a reminder that the impact of budget cuts goes beyond just numbers on a balance sheet. It directly affects the lives of individuals and communities, highlighting the importance of robust financial support for cities facing such crises.