Candace Cameron Bure Celebrates Son Lev’s Big Wedding Day, And Her Gold Dress Is A Standout Look

Candace Cameron Bure Celebrates Son Lev's Big Wedding Day, And Her Gold Dress Is A Standout Look

Candace Cameron Bure, known for her role in the popular show ‘Full House,’ recently celebrated her son Lev’s wedding in style. The actress, along with her husband and three children, looked stunning in their formal black attire. However, it was Candace who stole the show in a beautiful golden gown that shimmered in the photos shared on her Instagram page.

The wedding was a joyous occasion, filled with laughter and even a few tears. Candace expressed her pride and happiness for her son’s union, sharing a heartfelt message on social media. She welcomed Elliott, Lev’s bride, into their family with open arms, feeling overwhelmed with love, joy, and contentment.

The wedding was a family affair, with Candace’s husband and son matching the groom’s attire, and her daughter Natasha leading the guests in song. The celebration was filled with love, and the holy spirit was present throughout the day. Covenant vows were made, speeches were given, and toasts were made, creating a truly glorious celebration.

For Candace, the wedding was a perfect way to start off the year. After a year of facing criticism and controversy over her views on traditional marriage, welcoming a daughter-in-law into the family was a positive step forward. And she certainly looked like a million bucks in her stunning golden dress.

Overall, the wedding was a memorable and special occasion for Candace Cameron Bure and her family. It was a celebration of love, family, and the beginning of a new chapter for Lev and Elliott.