Can You Spot the Snow Leopard in This Picture?

People are losing their minds trying to find the snow leopard in this picture

If you thought your camouflage co-ord was good at keeping you hidden, just wait until you see the snow leopard in this photo.

It isn’t dressed in a camouflage jacket; there are no baseball caps, sunglasses, or well-positioned newspapers in sight, but this leopard is still practically invisible.

All those sneaky film characters trying to spy on someone could probably learn a thing or two from the animal – if they can find it, that is.

The incredibly well-hidden creature is lurking in a photo taken of a rocky landscape, with a few patches of snow still lingering on its surface.

The leopard is hidden somewhere in this photo. Credit: Saurabh Desai Photography

The Sneaky Coloration of Snow Leopards

If you’ve ever seen a leopard, you’ll know that they’re orangey-brown in color, with black spots covering their bodies. However, do you know what color a snow leopard is?

Given its name, you’d probably assume it’s white, which might lead you to believe that the creature is hidden somewhere in the snow in the photo.

However, though the creatures are typically lighter than regular leopards, many of them still have light tinges of brown running through their fur.

I probably don’t need to tell you that in a landscape filled with light brown rock as well as snow, this makes for pretty good camouflage.

The Challenge Goes Viral

The image has now turned into a challenge for internet users after it was shared on Reddit, where the poster asked people to ‘Spot the snow leopard and the time it took u [sic] to spot’.

The post was made six months ago, and it sounds like some people are still looking.

Hopefully you can see the snow leopard in this photo. Credit: Getty Stock Photo

Reddit users have shared their complete frustration over the struggle to spot the leopard, with many begging other users for their help.

“I am basically blind someone help me,” one desperate person wrote, while another added: “Hour 4, still searching.”

Some Reddit users even started to doubt whether there was a leopard in the photo in the first place, as if it could all be an elaborate ruse with more and more cunning users getting involved.

“At one point I thought, is there even one in this picture?” one confused person wrote.

I can assure you, though, there is a leopard in the picture – I even managed to find it myself.

The snow leopard can be spotted if you know where to look. Credit: Saurabh Desai Photography

The Elusive Snow Leopard

The creature can be seen just off center, to the left of the image. It’s visible right below the large patch of snow, eyes staring out towards the camera.

Can you see it?

Even if you can – don’t get too cocky. I found it once then quickly lost it again – that is one sneaky leopard.