Can You Help Us Identify These 6 Mystery Items?

Every week, we receive photos of intriguing antiques from our readers. Sometimes, we come across items that leave us scratching our heads. That’s where you come in! We need your help to identify these six mystery items. Have a look at the descriptions below and see if you can shed some light on their origins or purpose. We appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm for antiques!

Sandra Turner found an item with a Sterling marking. Can you tell us what it was used for? Carol Musselman stumbled upon a strange object in her cabinet, still with an auction tag on it. Any ideas about what it could be?

Kelsey Teymer inherited a set of six items from her husband’s great grandmother. They have hollow rods and an intriguing Aztec depiction in the center. The only marking is “Made in Mexico” in Spanish. Any information about their age or purpose would be greatly appreciated.

Leslie Rabalais came across an item made of cast aluminum that opens and closes. It has an opening on the tapered end. Do you know what it could be?

Amber Marshall is eager to find out the identity of an item she discovered. She’s also curious about its potential value. Can you assist in solving this mystery?

Jolea Haydon has an item that she obtained from her grandmother’s antique store four decades ago. She’s still unsure about what it is. Can you help her unravel this mystery?

Thank you for joining us in this quest for knowledge about these fascinating antique items! Your insights are invaluable.