Building a Home and Rebuilding a Life: Cara Brookins’ Inspiring Journey

Cara Brookins, a resilient mother of four, found herself at a breaking point when her second abusive marriage came to an end. Determined to provide a safe and stable environment for her children, she took matters into her own hands and decided to build a home from scratch. This incredible journey of starting anew not only brought her family back together but also gave her the strength to heal.

Turning a Dream into Reality

Facing financial constraints, Brookins realized that the only way she could afford a home was by building it herself. Though the idea may have seemed daunting to many, she was undeterred. With a modest budget and a relentless spirit, she embarked on a quest to learn all the skills needed for construction. All she had was YouTube tutorials as her guide, teaching her everything from running a gas line to installing plumbing.

The Power of Family

Brookins’ children, aged 2 to 17, played an integral role in the construction of their new home. Each child had a part to play, whether it was helping with preparations or gathering water from a neighbor’s pond for mixing concrete. Together, they faced every challenge head-on, turning the laborious process into a bonding experience. The Brookins family worked tirelessly, juggling school and late-night construction shifts to bring their dream to life.

Overcoming Obstacles

Building a house from scratch was no easy task, but Brookins was determined to overcome every obstacle that came her way. While YouTube videos provided general advice, she sought the help of a part-time firefighter with building experience to tackle more complex tasks. With his guidance, the family hurdled through difficult moments, learning and adapting every step of the way.

The Birth of Inkwell Manor

On March 31, 2009, Brookins and her children finally moved into their new, beautiful five-bedroom home. They aptly named it Inkwell Manor, a testament to Brookins’ aspiration to become a writer. The symbolic house not only formed a physical shelter but also served as a platform for their dreams and aspirations.

A Remarkable Transformation

Building their own home not only provided a roof over their heads but also became a catalyst for Brookins’ personal transformation. Over time, she emerged from the depths of depression and discovered a newfound strength within herself. Brookins admits that, initially, the decision to build their own home was not one they were proud of. However, in hindsight, it was the best decision she could have made. Through resilience and determination, she found the power to rebuild her life and inspire others along the way.

Inspiring Others

In the years that followed, Brookins became a prolific writer, penning numerous middle-grade and young adult books. Her journey gave birth to her biography, titled “Rise: How a House Built a Family,” which chronicles her incredible story of resilience and triumph. Scheduled for release on January 24, this book promises to be a source of inspiration for those seeking to overcome their own challenges.

Empowering Words

Cara Brookins, a petite computer programmer armed with determination, proves that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. She shares a powerful message: whatever your goal may be, hold onto it tightly and move forward, no matter how slowly. As you embark on your own journey, bring others who also seek healing along with you. Together, you can achieve remarkable things and create a future full of hope and possibility.