Brian Austin Green: Defending Megan Fox and Their Children

Brian Austin Green, the former husband of Megan Fox, recently spoke out against false rumors surrounding their children. In a world where rumors can quickly spread, it’s refreshing to see Brian standing up for the mother of his children, regardless of their separation.

Robby Starbuck, a director/producer who ran for Congress last year, made allegations against Megan Fox, claiming that she forced their sons to wear girls’ clothes, something he labeled as “pure child abuse.” However, Brian was quick to defend Megan and deny these accusations.

Speaking to TMZ in a recent interview, Brian expressed his disappointment in Starbuck’s claims. He stressed that these allegations are false and have the potential to negatively impact the relationship between a parent and their child. It’s clear that even though Brian and Megan are divorced, he still supports and stands up for her as the mother of their children.

Contrary to the rumors, Megan Fox does not force her sons to wear dresses. In fact, she has openly discussed her son Noah’s love for fashion, including dresses, in previous interviews. Megan proudly supports her son’s self-expression and individuality.

In a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Megan mentioned that Noah dresses himself and enjoys wearing dresses. She also highlighted the liberal and hippy school her sons attend, which embraces and encourages Noah’s fashion choices. Megan emphasizes the importance of confidence and self-acceptance.

More recently, Megan took to Instagram to call out Robby Starbuck for exploiting her child’s gender identity for political gain. She made it crystal clear that using children as leverage or social currency is absolutely unacceptable. In a 2022 interview with Glamour, Megan confirmed that Noah’s interest in wearing dresses began at the age of two. She even bought books to educate herself about gender identity and transgender behavior in order to better support her son’s uniqueness.

Megan Fox takes immense pride in her children’s talents and wants the world to appreciate their individuality. Yet, she also wants to shield them from the harsh criticism that can come with the spotlight. Despite the challenges she faces, Megan remains committed to empowering mothers and providing a safe space for them to seek knowledge, find answers, and find support.

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