Brad Pitt’s Heartbreaking Reaction to Son’s Allegation

Brad Pitt reaction to son's shocking allegation is heartbreaking – but it confirms what we suspected

Brad Pitt is facing new turmoil as an old rant from his adopted son, Pax, resurfaces. This shocking revelation has shed light on the troubled relationship between father and son.

Pitt and his former partner, Angelina Jolie, have six children together. Despite their high-profile separation, both parents remain actively involved in their children’s lives. This makes Pax’s outburst on Father’s Day in 2020 all the more devastating.

Pax was adopted by Angelina Jolie from Vietnam when he was just three years old. He had been abandoned by his biological mother, who was struggling with addiction. Brad Pitt quickly became his adoptive father, but their relationship hasn’t been without its challenges.

An old Instagram post recently resurfaced, where Pax unleashed his frustrations on his father. In the post, he described Pitt as an “awful human being” and blamed him for making the lives of those closest to him a constant hell. This revelation has left Brad Pitt feeling depressed and frustrated that this incident is being brought up again after so many years.

However, sources close to the actor reveal that he has chosen to maintain a dignified silence in response to Pax’s allegations. Brad Pitt continues to have great respect for all of his children and denies any claims suggesting he is a “bad person.”


The emergence of this old Instagram post has sparked discussions among fans and the public. Many wonder what to make of Brad Pitt’s parenting and Pax’s claims. The truth may eventually come to light, but for now, both father and son are navigating this difficult situation privately.


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