Ben Affleck Opens Up About Leaving ‘The Batman’ Role

Hollywood star Ben Affleck recently spoke out about his decision to step away from starring in and directing the upcoming ‘The Batman’ film. Affleck, who played the iconic role of the Dark Knight in three previous films, cited alcoholism, his divorce from actor Jennifer Garner, and a difficult experience on the set of ‘Justice League’ as key factors in his choice.

In an interview with the New York Times, Affleck shared that someone had expressed concerns about his well-being if he were to go through the same challenges as before. Reflecting on his journey, the Oscar winner admitted that his struggle with alcoholism had influenced his decision. He revealed that he had shown the script for ‘The Batman’ to a friend who had warned him about the potential consequences if he were to take on the role again.

Affleck’s departure from ‘The Batman’ was announced over a year ago, and since then, director Matt Reeves has taken over the project, with Robert Pattinson stepping into the lead role. Affleck expressed his support for Reeves and Pattinson, acknowledging that Matt Reeves had decided to write his own version of the script.

The 47-year-old actor also opened up about his battle with alcohol addiction. Although Affleck has been relatively quiet about his struggles since completing rehab in 2018, he acknowledged the support he has received from friends and fellow actors Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr. Affleck admitted that relapses were embarrassing, especially when they were publicized, but he and Garner had made efforts to address the situation honestly.

Affleck attributed the increase in his drinking to the challenges he faced during his marital issues with Garner, which ultimately led to their divorce. He expressed regret about the end of their marriage, calling it the “biggest regret” of his life. Affleck acknowledged that shame had once consumed him but had since tried to move past it, understanding that it brought no positive outcomes.

Recovery has played a significant role in Affleck’s life, and he emphasized the values it had instilled in him. He spoke about the importance of honesty, accountability, helping others, and apologizing when needed. These lessons have shaped his journey to sobriety and have influenced his personal growth.

Although Affleck’s departure from ‘The Batman’ marked a turning point in his career, he is not slowing down. His next venture, “The Way Back,” portrays his character as a former basketball all-star struggling with alcohol addiction but attempting to find redemption as the coach of a high school basketball team.

Ben Affleck’s story serves as a reminder that even successful individuals face challenges and struggles. It highlights the importance of seeking support, making positive changes, and embracing personal growth. Affleck’s candidness about his experiences resonates with audiences, providing hope and inspiration to those who may be facing similar obstacles.