Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Arguing Over $100 Million Mansion

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Arguing Over $100 Million Mansion

It seems like tensions are running high in the Bennifer household. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are now in a heated dispute over a $100 million property in Pacific Palisades, California. This latest attempt to settle on a new family home has turned into a circus, with the couple backing out on several deals in the past year, losing out on hundreds of thousands in inspection fees.

For a Hollywood power couple like Affleck and Lopez, losing a few hundred thousand dollars might not seem like much. But this time, Affleck is determined to secure the dream home. He is fighting for it with all his might because he genuinely loves the location and another nearby mansion.

On the other hand, Lopez is ready to walk away for the fourth time. It’s unclear why they keep changing their minds, but Affleck is clearly not happy with the situation. Despite the ups and downs, if they decide to stick with this estate, they will be getting one of the most chic and luxurious properties around.

This stunning property boasts eight bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, and a guesthouse with two bedrooms and four bathrooms. It offers a spacious gym for Lopez to keep up with her fitness routine. The outdoor area features a resort-style pool and spa, along with a fire feature. Inside, there’s a media room, an expansive game room that opens to the backyard, two playrooms, a roomy kitchen, and a family room.

But this recent dispute is not the first time Affleck and Lopez have shown tension in their relationship. Who can forget the infamous moment at the 2023 Grammy Awards when they appeared to be arguing on camera? Affleck later explained it as a typical “husband-and-wife thing,” but it certainly caused a stir and spawned countless memes.

In the meantime, Lopez has been busy with real estate deals of her own. She has already found a buyer for her Bel-Air property, which she listed for $64 million. Additionally, she listed her New York City penthouse for $37 million. Although it has been on the market for four years without a buyer, Lopez recently decided to take it off the market.

It remains to be seen whether Affleck and Lopez will resolve their differences and make this $100 million mansion their new home. One thing is for sure, though – their journey towards finding the perfect family home has been filled with twists and turns.