Baby Manushi: A Little Miracle

Little Baby

Baby Manushi, born in Rajasthan, India, is a true miracle. Her story is one of hope and triumph over incredible odds. This beautiful girl was delivered prematurely at just 28 weeks when her mother, Seeta, was diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure. Doctors quickly realized that the baby wasn’t receiving enough blood through the placenta, leading to a decision to deliver her via C-section.

When Manushi entered the world, she weighed a mere 14 ounces. Survival seemed unlikely as most of her organs, including her lungs, brain, heart, and kidneys, were underdeveloped. But this determined little girl fought bravely for her life.

For six long months, Manushi received intensive care in the neonatal unit. Gradually, her organs developed and grew stronger, until she was finally deemed ready to leave the hospital. At the time of her discharge, she weighed a healthier 5.2 pounds.

Inspiringly, Manushi surpassed all expectations. From the moment she was born, she relied on a ventilator to breathe, and her chances of survival were less than 1 percent. But against all odds, she beat them.

Due to her underdeveloped gut, Manushi couldn’t be fed in the traditional way. Instead, doctors delivered all the necessary nutrients directly into her bloodstream. When she reached 7 weeks old, she began breastfeeding, which was a significant milestone. With each passing day, she grew stronger and more independent, and her other organs started to develop normally.

The doctors who cared for Manushi were determined to save her life and send a powerful message. In some parts of India, there is a belief that male children are more important than female ones. By providing Manushi with the necessary medical care and attention, they wanted to challenge this misconception.

Dr. Sunil Janged, the director of the hospital, expressed their purpose, saying, “We decided to save the life of the infant and give her necessary medical care and attention because we wanted to send out a message that a girl child must be protected.”

Manushi’s incredible journey underscores the importance of valuing every life, regardless of gender. In 2015, a girl named Emilia Grabarczyk, born in Germany weighing just 8 ounces, became the world’s lightest surviving baby. Today, we wish baby Manushi a happy and fulfilling life ahead, filled with love and limitless possibilities.