Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater: Love on the Set of ‘Wicked’

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Ethan Slater couldn’t hide their affection for each other while filming the popular musical ‘Wicked’. Despite being married at the time, reports suggest that they openly displayed their love on set.

According to insiders, their on-set PDA was hard to miss. They were seen being “all over each other” even though Ethan was supposedly happily married to Lilly Jay. Their actions were not confined to the set alone, as they were spotted making out at a pub in Hampstead and Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar party. It seems they were inseparable, even when attending other events.

Interestingly, Ariana and Ethan allegedly went on “multiple” double dates with their respective spouses, Dalton Gomez and Lilly. They even met Ariana’s family, including her mother and brother, further solidifying their bond.

While some insiders claim that Ethan and Ariana didn’t start their romantic relationship until after he had separated from Lilly, others deny this timeline. Reports suggest that Ariana and Gomez have been separated since January.

Representatives for Ariana and Ethan haven’t responded to requests for comment.

Image: Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater smiling at each other, showcasing their blossoming romance.